Speciality Valve stands out as a leading Strainer Manufacturer in India, catering to regions such as Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Kerala. A strainer, in this context, is described as a pipe fitting employed for the purification, filtering, or separation of liquids from solid matter, effectively straining liquids from a device. It is operated as a sieve or filter used to stop solid bodies from mixing in a liquid stream or flow line. It welded metal in pipelines, protecting appliances and processes from their harmful effects thus lessen time and maintenance.

The working principle of the strainer is very easy. It makes no difference what sort of strainer you use, you must recognise both the input and the output. Upon correct attachment of the strainer, the fluid seamlessly flows through the filter housing and into the suction section. When the fluid flows the strainer catches and keeps all the materials in place. It can comprise of seaweed, plastics, and big particles. Then the strainers block the particles.

Key steps:

  1. The fluid departs from the inlet and enters the basket strainer.
  2. The basket strainer collects soil, trash, and particles.
  3. The pressure differential will activate the warning once it has been prevented.
  4. The strainer design allows for the option to either shut down the pipe mechanism or direct the flow to the next basket strainer.


  1. Duplex Basket Strainer
  2. Simplex Basket Strainer
  3. Y Strainer


Our manufactured Strainer provides these advantages:

  1. Low resistance value
  2. Large effective filtering area
  3. Simple operation
  4. High degree of filtering flexibility
  5. Wide range of uses


  1. Oil and Gas Industry
  2. Chemical Manufacturing
  3. Petrochemical Industry
  4. Water Treatment and Wastewater Management
  5. Power Generation (including nuclear, coal, and natural gas)
  6. Pulp and Paper Industry
  7. Mining and Minerals Processing
  8. Marine and Shipbuilding
  9. Textile Industry
  10. Automotive Manufacturing
  11. Aerospace Industry


  1. Available materials: WCB, WC6, WCC, LCB, LCC,CF8, CF8M, cast iron, SS304, SS316, ductile iron, Carbon steel( ASTM A105, ASTM A516), Stainless Steel( ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F316), Brass( ASTM B16, ASTM B124)
  2. Class: 125 to 300
  3. Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25
  4. Size: ½” to 32”
  5. Ends- Flanged, threaded, Buttweld, socket weld

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