Would you wish to prevent dropping followers on Instagram in the upcoming year? Several Social advertisers that are struggling to gain popularity while investing a lot of energy and time do so by asking this question.

Instagram has become one of the most widely used platforms globally, with over one billion individuals engaged every single month. Numerous companies are allocating a substantial amount to develop a channel of sales on it and expand the way they operate.

However, increasing visibility on the social network takes more than just posting a few pictures or videos on the account. Remember that anyone with an electronic device can share content on Instagram. Therefore, anticipate poor results to boost your ROI or gain a greater following.

What are shadowbans on Instagram?

Once the algorithm of Instagram penalizes the post and reduces its visibility to followers, this is known as shadowbanning. If Instagram flags the hashtags you use as unwanted content, you receive a lot of complaints, or you break the guidelines of the community, your natural exposure drops.

It still generates a lot of discussion in the realm of online advertising. Since the process is opaque, it is simple to understand how a lack of participation could lead some users to believe they were subjected to a covert suspension.

Even while Instagram claimed “shadowbanning is not genuine” in 2018, one year afterward, a spokesman acknowledged the social media network did have controls in place to restrict offensive content.

The company discussed shadowbanning and provided more information regarding how the algorithm that governs Instagram functions in 2021. It would be interesting to observe whether Instagram fulfills its pledge to be more forthcoming regarding why photos are deleted or not visible to others in the coming years.

Reasons for Your Loss of Instagram Followers

Fans who pay for exposure

Just in India, we have around 114.6 million people who use Instagram. It’s an extensive demographic with a huge upside, but it takes a lot of work to draw in real customers. It requires enormous dedication, and so many individuals are drawn to the immediate solution of buying IG followers and fans to increase their following.

The absence of interaction displayed by these fake followers can affect your exposure in the Discover and Main feeds when you purchase followers on Instagram.

As a result, as the purchased followers leave your profile, it becomes more difficult to approach actual individuals.

Avoid purchasing followers as a solution.

The best course of action is not to purchase Instagram followers. Stop your current follow-purchase effort. Examine and eliminate any fake followers from the set of profiles that are following the business. Regardless of whether you have a goal to achieve, resist the urge to acquire followers again.

Following-for-following schemes

The use of follow-for-follow strategies by companies looking to fudge their statistics is still common. Whenever additional profiles follow you again, you must hit “unfollow” to end the relationship. Your statistics increase, however, at a price. You will fall short of the follow/unfollow battle over time. Those are not enthusiastic fans.

They need to be more active supporters, and their contribution may not consider themselves important. Additionally, it may be off-putting when others find out you’re playing the follow-or-unfollow act. Disinterested followers will stop following you, and your standing in your peer group will suffer.

Concentrate on organic Instagram expansion plans as a solution.

You can quickly meet a follower goal through a follow-for-follow strategy, but those who follow you will stay short. Rather, accept simple strategies for increasing your account’s social media popularity. Consider optimizing your bio, developing an idea, and holding contests.

Automatic comments and likes

Most individuals quickly recognize artificial remarks, likes, and messages sent directly (DMs). An Instagram follower may click the unfollow box when they believe you aren’t responding to them personally.

Such robotic like and comment spammers are not only unsatisfactory but also prohibited on Instagram. The conditions of service for a social platform forbid mechanical behavior absent authorization. Constantly utilize an authorized interaction tool to establish connections with your target market properly.

The solution: Schedule time for genuine community involvement.

Authentic interaction requires effort; nonetheless, it’s among the finest methods to increase your profile’s audience. Check the bios of those you follow, appreciate their pictures, and write thoughtful comments. Constantly work with someone who has been recognized while investing in devices.

Low-quality or unrelated material

A timetable is essential, but only post information that seems in context if you want to achieve your goals. The level of involvement can be impacted by poor quality, hurried, and off-topic information.

While 40 percent of users turn to the internet for humorous material, it may appear unpleasant if it conflicts with your company. The people who follow you will quickly click the “unfollow” option if your post deviates too much from what they are used to seeing.

The solution is to put quality over quantity.

Even top-notch stuff will do for your followers’ news feeds. They are exceedingly pleased to restrict the people they follow to safeguard that. Reliability is crucial but keep to a quality-over-quantity Instagram approach.

Removal of phony accounts

As stated in their profile deletion rule, false profiles are not permitted on Instagram. This false followers and automated accounts are frequently deleted in bulk. If you notice a substantial decline in followers in just one day, the following may be the reason.

Regardless of whether your approach to Instagram is entirely genuine, you may still be attacked by users unaware that they carry forged followers. Find solace in recognizing you’ve been doing a good job with the remaining components of your strategy if it’s the sole cause of why you’re shedding followers.

The solution: Keep concentrating on your Instagram strategy.

Usually, you can do little to stop false followers from appearing. Since those deleted followers have yet to contribute to your business, it will ultimately increase your participation rate. Maintain your attention on your social media plans, pick up new Insta tricks, and improve what you provide for those who follow you.


Although dropping Instagram followers is a regrettable aspect of the situation, there are several strategies you may use to lessen its effects.

To increase interaction on Instagram, rethink your approach, pay attention to your followers, and foster a feeling of connection. It will put you in an improved situation to provide services to your current clientele.