Viola odorata look wonderful with snowdrops and wood anemones.

Then cut back winter jasmine and visit Lanhydrock in Cornwall to see the magnolias

Plant this I would gladly lie belly down on a damp lawn to get a whiff of sweet violet blooms (Viola odorata), such is my love for these tough little plants. They are best planted under deciduous trees and look wonderful with snowdrops and wood anemones. The flowers and leaves are edible, too.

Snip this Winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is a reliably cheery shrub for the colder months thanks to its flushes of egg-yolk-yellow flowers, but it’s now due a tidy-up. Cut back a few of the oldest stems at the base and trim the rest back to a set of buds to rein in floppier growth. Tie in any loose stems.

Visit this Cornwall’s mild climate means many of its gardens are awash with magnolias this month. The National Trust’s Lanhydrock has a fine collection, including the pure white ‘Albatross’ and the pink-flowered Magnolia campbellii. Open daily, details at